Construction & Civil Engineering

DNZ Construction & Development Ltd has developed a reputation for the successful delivery of complex building and civil engineering projects in very challenging environments.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop and provide engineered solutions that deliver value. We specialise in structural works packages which include enabling, civil engineering and infrastructure works, reinforced concrete construction, temporary works design and installation, complex structural alterations and general builders work packages.

Pre-construction Services

Everything starts with pre-construction services. As soon as the journey for a new building project begins, there is a number of tasks and questions that the team should look into. Simply put, this is the time where an idea is gradually turning into an actual project and that practical aspects of the vision in discussion are analysed.

Construction Project Management

Once the project starts progressing, there are many different elements that should be taken into consideration. From project initiation to closure, there should be solid collaboration between the various agents and good team coordination.


The design-build method has attracted a lot of attention lately. Having the same team providing both the design and construction services can boost your project’s efficiency and minimize risk. Moreover, keeping the design and construction phases connected can help you obtaining a better understanding of the potential challenges that might come along your way during the building process.

Like that, you can be confident that you will make the right choices when it comes to material and equipment selection.

Building Services

Regardless of the project’s type (renovation, new construction, addition, rebuilding) a lot of effort and strong coordination is required. We provide all these services in one package.

Great for you

We guarantee that your project’s project managers and other members of the team are confident that your construction project complies with specified specifications and plans.

All in all, the coordination and proper execution of the countless construction services can ensure the success of your project. Nevertheless, keeping everything under control isn’t always easy. You need all the help you can get and in that sense a combination of experience and top quality digital tools can be proved valuable. Only then, you can be sure that your project is heading in the right direction.